Homework 5 – Project 1 Thoughts

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury 

Made by Jake TerHark

There are two pieces to this project that I love: the front cover’s animation and the UI.

The front cover has an extremely striking animation that immediately shows what you’re getting into with this book. The firemen shooting flamethrowers make for a cool visual effect, and is enhanced by the fact that the fire follows the movements of the book to a degree. A simple use of particle effects turned what is an otherwise stale scene into something eye-catching.


The other piece of this project that I enjoyed was the UI. It has a clean aesthetic that is kept consistent throughout the entire project. By giving everything the same font, color scheme, and layout, Jake made a very good looking UI. Also, by utilizing Unity’s UI system as opposed to the 3D text the rest of the class used, the words looked a lot cleaner and stood out to be more legible against the grey panels they used. 


The best part of this project was the simple addition of having the UI elements follow the direction of the user. By having the UI constantly face towards the user, the usefulness of this application goes up incredibly. While not many people would actively appreciate that they don’t have to manipulate the book in different ways to actually read the UI, they will definitely feel less frustrated in using an application that is intended to make their lives easier. I took a look at the code, and I was surprised at how simple it was to implement. A single line of code in the update loop that sets the rotation of the UI to the rotation of the camera. A small addition that greatly improves the application as a whole. 



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl

By Krunal Bhatt, Suhan Nath, Shiva Reddy

This project impressed for the visual design alone. The front cover shows off the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory extremely well. The rolling hills, candy, and other little elements are also extremely cute and add to the scene of the chocolate river.


The raining candy is also an extremely fun addition to this project. Constantly instantiating new models of candy and having it rain makes this look very cool.

Charlie front

Also, I love how they made the chocolate river scene appear alongside the front cover of the book as if it was the left side of an open book with the right side being the actual cover. It adds a lot of extra real estate to the shown book scene while not making the extra space given to the scene feel that much more cumbersome.

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